COAC Board Members Present $35,000 Donation to Save A Warrior

On December 16, 2021, the Board of Directors of COAC met with Jake Clark, founder of Save A Warrior (SAW), to present him with a $35,000 donation from COAC.  This donation was made possible by the excellent turnout and participant support at the 2021 Patriot Shoot held at the Cardinal Shooting Center in August 2021.  The donation will support participation by Veterans and First Responders in SAW’s innovative, evidence-based program which provides a powerful healing experience for participants.

Jake Clark provided COAC Board members with an update regarding the sale of the original Warrior Village property located in Heath, OH. SAW has opened a new national center of excellence on a donated 400+ acre property in Hillsboro, OH. This new location allows SAW to significantly increase the number of participants who participate in their life-saving program.  You can learn more about this excellent organization and donate to support by visiting